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A couple of days ago I quoted from Heather Mac Donald regarding the problems arising from letting millions of low-income Hispanics move to the US. And then I added this:

Scary too, wait until single-parent Hispanic families as a group get fully engaged with our anti-poverty welfare system. The system, when combined with poor and unstable Hispanic families, will methodically create a new underclass – and it will very likely be much more widespread than the black underclass.

Well apparently Heather has similar thoughts. This is from an interview with John Hawkins:

John Hawkins: In your opinion, do welfare programs have any negative effects on the people who participate in them?

Heather Mac Donald: Welfare programs accustom people to look to the government for their support rather than to themselves. Their most dire effect has been to render husbands and fathers superfluous by paying women to have children out of wedlock. This incentive for illegitimacy has nearly totally destroyed the black family, to the great detriment of children, especially boys.

Still not convinced we have problems ahead? Then consider this:

John Hawkins: Are illegal aliens committing a significant amount of crime in the United States? Could you elaborate on your answer?

Heather Mac Donald: In Los Angeles, 95% of all outstanding warrants for homicide target illegal aliens, and over 60% of all outstanding felony warrants. Illegal aliens, and immigrants generally, are a major, and unacknowledged, driver of gang crime. Yet in most cities, the police are not allowed to arrest someone for an immigration felony. And in the country overall, there are only 2000 immigration agents who are responsible for arresting some 10 million illegal aliens. When someone, echoing the Wall Street Journal, argues that we need to give amnesty to illegal aliens because enforcement “hasn’t worked,” tell them: we have never tried enforcement, because our enforcement resources have always been dwarfed by the size of the problem.

Read the whole interview. It is eye opening on many fronts.

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