Right-to-Carry States

Regarding guns, right-to carry-laws are spreading year by year to more states. Red states in this map now have a right-to-carry law (click here for a bigger picture):

Right to carry states

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  1. Delaware Shark Says:

    So i guess when guns are no longer the weapon of choice you will move on to carrying a small nuclear device. (That will teach em ) U live in a culture of fear and the govt that u elected has created that culture. Wouldnt it be something is u went though a day were u didnt think that someone was trying to hurt u.

  2. Dan Morgan Says:

    Even if the crime rate dropped by a factor of ten, people ought to be able to buy a gun to protect themselves if they feel threatened. This is especially true of people living in inner-city ghettos where crime is out of control. This is also true of abused women who are being threatened. To tell these people that they are not allowed to have a gun would be wrong, in my sense of freedom and justice.

    Don’t see how govt creates a culture of fear. People just have to turn on the TV and watch the news to know that there are significant crime problems.

    … as for a small nuclear device, that is an interesting idea. I will check with the local gun shop, they are well stocked. I live in Texas you know.

  3. Delaware Shark Says:

    WOW!! U are blind! The govt controls the media!!! That is clear!!!! ….. If CNN talked about what is really going on in Iraq(1600 selfless americans dead), most Americans would not forget that we are at war.

    As for the crime rate, U are not looking toward the future. (Like all shortsighted Republicans) The world cannot sustain itself with the proliferation of weapons at any level. U envision a time where all people carry a weapn on their person. I thought that we have made progress since the Wild West.

    Ur idea of the future is bleak!

  4. Delaware Shark Says:

    Well Dan… I must have been so convincing that u cannot write back

  5. Dan Morgan Says:

    Huh? Government controlled media? Better go over to DailyKOS and rant along with them.

    Wild west? Having guns around does not create crime. The Swiss have all owned guns for centuries and they have almost no gun crime. See here: http://ecclesia.org/truth/swiss.html

    And this too: http://www.diodon349.com/Attack_on_America/swiss_guns.htm
    It says, “To this day, every male, when he turns 20, is issued a full automatic military rifle and required to keep it at home. Universal service in the Militia Army is required. When a Swiss is no longer required to serve, he may keep his rifle (converted from automatic to semi-automatic) or his pistol (if he served as an officer).”

    Having more guns reduces crime, not increases it. Reducing crime makes the future less bleak. In Britain crime is skyrocketing because the criminals no longer feel detered. Britain has now passed up the US crime rate, they are the ones moving in on a bleak future.

    The Democrats are shortsighted, they would turn us into Britain. Fortunately, all the US states are rejecting this philosophy.

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  8. DR Bengry Says:

    March 25th, 2006

    It looks like the right to defend our self and our familys, is slowly being returned to us. I personaly thank the NRA for the fine job they are doing.
    I think the DELAWARE SHARK is the one living in fear. He is too afraid to
    fix his name to what he writes. I guess I must be one of those short sighted repubicans he referred to. The right to carry an defend ones self
    from harm by any sane law abiding citizen should not even be questioned. That don’t mean everybody should be walking around
    carrying a weapon. Its giving the message to the crimminaly inclined,
    notice that we could be so they should be minding their P’S and Q’S.

  9. Mike T Says:

    Chicago is one of the few cities where if, someone breaks into your house, beats you, rapes your wife, kill your kids and you defend your self with a hand gun you will go to jail. Who’s side is the Mayor on? No wonder Chicago has a problem with crime! But what does the Mayor care. He has his armed body gaurds to protect him and his family and the heck with everybody else.

  10. Bob Ubank Says:


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  13. Jacques Stewart Says:

    What little girl getting ready to go to school or kids on their way home from school will die next before the parents are allowed to carry to protect their future investments. I for 1 was robbed twice once with a .44 and the 2nd time with a .380 it seems if the police are here to just clean up the mess these criminals get away scott free.

  14. Cary Brown Says:

    I belive that any law abiding citizen should be alowed to cary a weapon of thier own choice I dont think it should be limited to just firearms (if some one wants to carry a knife to a gun fight thats thier perogative) I carry a firearm in the open I dont conceal it I want the crooks to see that I am armed and I will defend myself and family as well as any anti gun liberal who is in the middle of being attacked.. I have never had to pull my gun in anger and as long as the “Bad Guy” can see that I am armed I probably never will..

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