Chrenkoff is the Man

Arthur Chrenkoff celebrates his first blogiversary today. A Polish immigrant to Australia, his blogsite shows the promise of the blogosphere. It doesn’t matter your nationality or physical location – if you have something to say that people find worthwhile, they will find you.

Chrenkoff’s Good News from Iraq within his blog has been so original that the WSJ has picked it up. Chrenkoff had 1,734,900 visitors to his blogsite in his first year. He has one of those sites that makes you wonder how one guy can get so much done in his free time.

As he regularly points out, Good News from Iraq is not meant to sugarcoat the war. Instead it is meant to give one perspective left out by the mainstream media. Instead of a daily update on the American body count, and then a dash back to the latest on the Michael Jackson trial – Chrenkoff dives deep into available information sources and pulls together all of the news that is positive in Iraq to see what this collectively might tell us. It is a unique perspective and it makes you think. This concept could probably be applied to other areas of the news as well.

This is an example of the blogosphere rewriting the rules of how information is disseminated around the world. This is not meant to replace the mainstream media; it is to give alternative perspectives on world events. And it is a breath of fresh air – indeed a new kind of emerging freedom – and it will be fascinating to see where the blogosphere takes us.

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