Cruisin’ in My … ?

Nice car. Now a test. In which country is this car wholly designed and built?

A) Japan
B) South Korea
D) Iran

And the answer is … Iran! That’s right, a member of the good ol’ axis of evil builds cars:

The 1.8-litre Samand is the first car to be wholly designed and built by Iran Khodro Co., the Middle East’s largest carmaker. The company plans to sell 1,000 of the $10,000, 5-speed Samands in its first year. Iran Khodro, which has a 62 percent market share in Iran, produced more than 200,000 vehicles during 2001.

I would have expected something more like those cars that used to be made in the other evil empire, like the Trabant made in East Germany. Some consider Trabants the worst cars ever built. They had only two cylinder engines! The irony is that now they are collector’s items.

4 Responses to “Cruisin’ in My … ?”

  1. mustrum Says:

    Trabant, eh?

    There’s oodles of them still on the road in Poland. Come over here and take them away, please! Make some money while you’re at it.

  2. Dan Morgan Says:

    Really, how much would a dozen cost me?

  3. WILLisms.com Says:

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  4. kamy Says:

    its nice

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