The Intolerance of Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter is way to extreme for me. She actually hurts the causes of non-liberals (meaning conservatives, libertarians, and shades in between). She uses the same tactics that I so detest in many on the left. Like these lefties, she claims to know the awful motives of her political opponents. She is as intolerant as they come, be it on the left or right. Here is the latest controversy:

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Conservative author Ann Coulter sparked a storm on Wednesday after describing a group of September 11 widows who backed the Democratic Party as millionaire “witches” reveling in their status as celebrities.

“I’ve never seen people enjoying their husbands’ deaths so much,” Coulter writes in her book “Godless: The Church of Liberalism,” published on Tuesday, referring to four women who headed a campaign that resulted in the creation of the September 11 Commission that investigated the hijacked plane attacks.

Coulter wrote that the women were millionaires as a result of compensation settlements and were “reveling in their status as celebrities and stalked by grief-arazzis.”

To me, she has moved well beyond the limits of respectable political debate. When you start making DailyKos and Atrios look tolerant, you know that something has gone terribly wrong.

Update: Captain Ed comments:

Whether Rall or Coulter says it, impugning the grief felt by 9/11 widows regardless of their politics is nothing short of despicable. It denies them their humanity and disregards the very public and horrific nature of their spouses’ deaths. The attacks motivated a lot of us to become more active in politics in order to make sure our voices contribute to the debate, and it is impossible to argue that the 9/11 widows (and widowers, and children, and parents) have less standing to opine on foreign policy than Ann Coulter or Ted Rall.

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  1. Scrapiron Says:

    I don’t own any of Coulter’s books and am not a regular follower, but this time she pinned them to the wall and rightfully so. I’ve posted since the Jerset cows, er girls started their rant that they turned grief to greed within 30 days of 9-11. All they’re interested in is money and a camera stuck in their face. Like Sheehan they will soon be discarded in the dumpsters of kooks and liars and their name will never appear in any history books. Losers are never remembered.

  2. Dan Morgan Says:

    I am sorry but I strongly disagree with you. You cannot see into their minds and know their motives any more than leftists can see into the minds of their opponents and know their motives.

  3. Half Sigma Says:

    Wealthy 9/11 widows and Ann Coulter

    Blogger Dan Morgan is critical of Ann Coulter’s statement about four 9/11 widows who have been active in liberal politics. Ann Coulter isn’t someone I especially respect, and in fact I’ve avoided knowing much of anything about her. But four

  4. Hoodlumman Says:

    I tend to agree w/ you Dan.

    But it boiled down to one word for me. “enjoyed.” Break out the thesaurus, Ann. Surely these people, while possibly guilty of exploitation (see Sheehan, Cindy) I can’t imagine ‘enjoying’ ever crossing their minds.

    But that’s just me.

  5. christian Says:

    Reply to Dan:

    FWIW, they were demanding more compensation then the million and change they recieved from the government. As carnell west
    (whom I almost never agree with) said rightfully, “i didn’t know the government was handing out reperations.” Which is what it was, Oklahoma victims got zippo nadda nothing. Soilders killed by bombers get next to nothing compared to the amount they recieved, on top of their life insurance.

    They campaigned for Kerry and even did adds for him.

    And all of this is in the paragraphs before the one sentence they keep regurgitating.

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  7. Bobby Bobson Says:

    Listen, these women are standing up for what they believe. They believe that the Bush administration has not done a good job defeating the terrorists that killed their husbands and are working to help democrats who they believe will stop these terrorists. This does not mean they are evil people who want camera time, it means they wish to bring terrorists to justice in better ways than the Bush administration has done. And as for money, humans are naturally greedy. Any Liberal or Conservative(especially conservative) would try to get all the money they could to support their family seeing as how many of these hubands may have been the soul source of income within the family. College, housing, cars, and other payments are expensive and if a woman depended on their husband for income i think it is very fair they get the most money they can for their family.

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